Millions of Peaches

Need a little road trip with a tasty treat or two or three?  Try Ham Orchards in Terrell, Texas this summer. Nope, they don’t have “orchards of pigs” they have orchards of peaches silly!  All summer long they will be harvesting 30 different varieties on approximately 10,000 trees. We were given the hot tip that July has the crowd favorite varieties!

Ham Orchards has a fantastic market store where you can purchase the fresh picked peaches that are in season. They have many delicious jarred goodies like jams and salad dressings that you can not find in the corner supermarket. Wait, there is more!  Fudge, fresh baked goods and the fan favorite…PEACH ICE CREAM!


The best surprise for us was the Peach Pulled Pork. This pulled pork by Eddie Deen and some sweet peach tea will put you into a food coma that you never want to come out of. Except for maybe to get more peach ice cream.


On our visit we were able to pick black berries right of the vine. Funny how fresh berries last a longer than those from the grocery store. Check the Ham Orchards website to see if the berry pick’n is still an option when you plan you trip. #ExploreEatEnjoy 


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