Hike the North Shore Trail?

After hiking a beautiful 9 mile section of the North Shore Trail on Lake Grapevine with a group of gals, I thought I would share a few things I learned.


  1. There are 5 main trailheads to enter the 22.5 mile trail that is made up of two large loops, then broken down into smaller loops.
  2. These ARE actually bike trails so expect to be jumping off trail to let them pass. No one wants to be permanently branded by a bicycle tire.
  3. The bikes run counter-clockwise, therefore hikers and walkers should go clock-wise. Just like on the street, you want to see the bike coming! 
  4. The trails are closed when muddy – for your safety.
  5. The trail has lush vegetation for some good cover from the sun. The lushness does contain poison ivy so watch your step!

See the map, trail rules and more on the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association Website. Enjoy!

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