Best Ever Angel Food Cake

I am a lover of everything cake! Chocolate cake, pudding cake, pancake, crab cake. Angel food cake is one of my all-time favorites. I have been using the same recipe for the last few years with two tweaks that I think you might want to test out.

  1. Regular, all-purpose flower instead of cake flour. I know your what you are thinking, but its supposed to be light fluffy angel food cake. I promise you will enjoy the slightly more dense cake.
    The glamour shot on the left is the linked recipe’s cake that uses cake flour. My all-purpose version (middle and right images) show that regular flour still gives you nice height and texture!

2. Lemon Zest. I use the zest of one lemon. Don’t worry if you are not a fan of lemon deserts, it is just a hint of lemon that brightens up the cake. If you like lemon, add a little lemon juice or zest of two lemons. I have added two tablespoons of lemon juice in the past and the cake comes out fantastic.

For topping we usually skip the strawberries and whipped cream and go for Alden’s Strawberry Ice Cream. Oh yeah, its worth it! Unfortunately Alden’s Strawberry Ice Cream is hard to find lately. Hey @AldensIceCream …please tell me you are NOT discontinuing strawberry!!!

So, for today we whipped some heavy whipping cream and sugared up some strawberries! Egg slicer comes in handy!

Strawberry Slicer
Easy Button!

Now that you have used 9 egg whites, what do you do with all the yolks?

breakfast chicken cholesterol cooking
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