There is a Name for Us

Yup, that is what I was told as we were packing up and moving to Texas. “There is a name that native Texans will call you,” said a coworker to me. This was one of many comments I heard, not all were supportive sounding either. I guess that was jealousy speaking.

Why did we choose Texas?  I might say that our 2016 adventure to Waco and the 2nd Annual Silo Bration had something to do with it…

Magnolia Silos 2nd Annual SiloBration

In reality, God answered hubby’s prayers with a wonderful work opportunity, so here we are!

Now that we are here, I can honestly say that we couldn’t be happier. The only thing I have heard native Texans say so far is “Welcome to Texas”  and “Yes ma’am”. The person handling my car registration, the servers waiting on us, the cashier at the grocery…they all seem happy to have us!

In being new to Texas, I feel it’s our responsibility to get to know the Lone Star State, so that is what is going to do. Get out there and share what we find. I hope you Explore, Eat and Enjoy with us!

EXPLORE   |    EAT    |     ENJOY    –  #ExploreEatEnjoy


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